International trade - a system of international trade and monetary relations, down from the foreign trade of all countries of the world.

   International trade has arisen in the process of the birth of the world market in the XVI-XVIII centuries. Its development - one of the important factors for the world economy in modern times.

   Term international trade was first used in the XII century Italian scientist-economist Antonio Margaretta, by economic treatise "The power of the masses in the North of Italy."

   Benefits of participation in international trade:

   1.Intensification of the reproduction process in the national economy is the consequence of increasing specialization, creating opportunities for the emergence and development of mass production, increasing the workload of the equipment, increase the effectiveness of new technologies;

   2.Increase in exports leads to a rise in employment;

   3.International competition makes it necessary to improve the enterprises;

   4.Export earnings is a source of capital accumulation, aimed at industrial development.